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Christmas Boxes

Enrich your Christmas with the Bioline Jatò Christmas Boxes: three elegant kits with a sophisticated and precious packaging, for personalized home treatments. As a gift for you or for someone you love.

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I am at home, like all of us. And it has to be like this.In my mind many memories of the staff, of the distributors, of the skin therapists and of all the people that my family and I had the pleasure to have a relation with, during the past 40 years. With all of you we share the values of sincerity, of respect, of cooperation and charity.I keep on thinking with love and gratitude to the meetings, the seminars, the parties and the events that marked our professional lifes. Over the last 15 years we have been discovering Italy and its infinite beauties together with everyone we had the honour to share our project with. Capri, Napels, Rome, Catania, The Dolomites, Florence, Lake Garda, Venice.Today our beautiful Italy, together with the rest of the world, is fighting an invisible common enemy; therefore I believe we need to share a message of strenght and hope. I take the inspiration from the message in the painting that Bioline Jatò dedicated to everyone to celebrate its 40th anniversary: “When people, with their differences, come together they create a work of art.” The team work is our magic. Together we will manage to get through this difficult time. See You soon Clara Macchiella CorradiniBioline Jatò Founder

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Urban Screen

Temperature changes, pollution and UV rays are source of stress for the skin and can damage it. Biomimetic peptides, multifunctional complexes and vitamins are the basis of DE-OX C Evolution and De-Sense Instant Relief lines that, combined with each other, are designed to keep the skin naturally youthful. Ask your skincare specialist for more information about the promotion.

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Face Beauty Recharge

Face Beauty Recharge is an intensive path with an immediate action that reduces the look of skin aging signs, wrinkles and dull complexion. Exfoliating, lifting and volumizing, it is the perfect synergy of professional treatments and homecare products. Find out more about the promotion at your nearest Bioline Jatò beauty center.

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Revitalize your skin

Summer can lead to skin water loss and brightness reduction. Bioline Jatò proposes two rebalancing solutions to restore the optimal level of hydration and to provide immediate nourishment: Aqua+ and Vita+. Ask your skincare specialist for more information on the promotion and for a personalised consulting.

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Bioline Jatò: an answer for every woman Modern,
strong and multifaceted, Bioline Jatò women know how to choose their own path and plan original routes, without forgetting about a hint of irony.Bioline Jatò provides effective and integrated solutions that can be fully personalized, so that every woman can rediscover her beauty and wellbeing.

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