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Primaluce Exfo&White


Spot Serum Localized Concentrate

Treatment for dark spots on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. The exclusive Advanced White Complex reduces the appearance of dark spots.
15 ml


Advanced White Complex, Acido Mandelico, Pantenolo


Apply on dark spots every morning and evening. Follow with the application of the Spot Correction Cream Triple Action on the face, neck and décolletage in the morning and the Fluid Cream Brightening Illuminating in the evening.

Primaluce Exfo&White

The evolution of cosmetic peels

It promotes the exfoliation and the skin renewal, targeting thickened skin and reducing the visibility of wrinkles and imperfections. It reduces skin blemishes, giving immediate brightness to dull and uneven skin. It reduces the visibility of dark spots caused by UV rays, pregnancy and aging.



Primaluce Exfo&White

Awakens the brightness of the skin

An exclusive synergy of fruit acids exfoliates and renews the skin intensely, providing extraordinary brightness and an even complexion, visibly clearer and younger. Innovative peelings with different concentrations offer a targeted beauty action to prematurely aged, thickened, impure skin and skin with dark spots.


with FBE and Caresse Massage | 60 min

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