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Details of beauty

EsaPeptide + Green Algae

Lifting Relaxing Mask Eye and Lip Contour

Single-dose mask, already activated and specifically formulated for the eye and lip contour area. It contains hexapeptide, with a relaxing action, and natural substances such as allantoin and enteromorpha compressa, with softening and emollient properties. It optimizes the skin’s moisture level and reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and small expression lines.
5 x 15 ml – 5 x 0,5 fl. oz US


Esapeptide Enteromorpha Compressa Allantoin


Apply to the orbicular muscle of eyes and lips, and leave on for 15-20 minutes, remove the mask by lifting it, then dab the area with a dry towel.

Details of Beauty

Enhance the most precious details of the face

An innovative formula with a high revitalizing, energizing and hydrating power to reactivate the vital processes of the skin and enhance the most precious details of the face: the eye and lip contour.



Details of Beauty

Enhances the most precious facial details

Precise manoeuvers soften expression lines of the eye and lip contour, while restoring brightness to the eye area and adding volume to the lips. An elixir of precious active ingredients, such as caviar, retinol and plant stem cells reduces the appearance of puffiness, eye bags and dark circles.


with Eye and Lip Massage | 35 – 40 min

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