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Body concept


Thermo Crema

Enhanced formula with thermogenic effect providing an action on abdomen, thighs and buttocks. It promotes tissue elasticity and reduces the appearance of body blemishes.
250 ml – 8,4 fl. oz. US


Liporeducer complex guarana extract bitter orange extract ivy extract


Apply twice a day on the belly, thighs and buttocks and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.

Body Concept

Feel Good, Look Good

A wide range of products offers customized and versatile solutions for the wellbeing and the beauty of the body. Safe and advanced formulas reduce the visibility of the blemishes caused by cellulite, water retention, local adiposity, sagging and aged skin.



Body Concept

Body Concept

A wide range of treatments aimed to different body blemishes offers targeted, efficient and safe beauty solutions. A tested working method, made of high performing application protocols, formulas and functional massages, that allow the beauty specialists to develop highly customizable treatments, according to the needs of every customer.

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